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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by mccltd, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I have a storage server with all my music in, various Mp3s,albums etc.

    Now the drive its has a shared folder called Music and i have it mapped to my local computer.

    When I run itunes I tell it to add the folder called Music and all subfolders.
    Obviously this takes a long time but when finished it has loaded all my songs.

    I have also now added the tuneup companion to add all my album art etc.

    Now to the question.

    Once all my songs have gone through tuneup and I have all my album art has this process changed all the music on my storage server or has it copied it all to my local machine and changed it into a new location?
    The main reason I ask is because I now seem to have a folder with loads of music on my local machine.
    I share all this music across my internal network and would obviously like to use the update music.

    Hope this makes sense,


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