iTunes freezing when connecting iPod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by DJ Neon, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    My iPod Touch is brand new. But when i connect the iPod into the usb on my computer, iTunes just freezes up. The iPod doesnt show up or anything, iTunes just stops. I usually dont have any problems with iTunes, it happens only when i connect the iPod.
    And another problem is that I cant access the sync options. When I click the sync tab, iTunes just freezes again

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    To close iTunes after it freezes, i have to ctrl+alt+delete.
    I really want my new iPod to work with my computer, or else i cant get music, movies etc. into it

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    And yea, I've searched the internet, but i haven't found any solution yet..
    I tried to conect to my dad's laptop, and it worked just fine. He got Win Vista.
    I've tried most of what could fix the problem, but nothing seem to work. And I've searched the forums here, but no help..

    What I've tried is:

    - Re-install iTunes and QuickTime
    - Tried previous iTunes versions
    - Updated iTunes to the newest version
    - Updated the iPod firmware (on another computer)
    - Make a new User Account on the computer, and tried there
    - Upgraded my RAM to 2GB
    - Fixed the registry
    - Cleaned up the computer
    - Deleted all iTunes playlists and library
    - Shut down all firewalls, virus programs, and Apple apps when I tried to re-install
    - Tried every USB on my computer
    - Restored the iPod 3 times

    And there's probably more.. I've done all this, and it still wont work.

    I got a Windows XP (suxx) SP 2 (up to date)
    2 GB RAM
    30+ GB free HDD space
    2.66 GHz Intel Celeron processor

    I've been trying really hard, and its quite frustrating.

    Could anyone here please try to help me? It would be great, and I will be very thankful

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