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    When I tried to update my iTunes account to 7.6 I kept getting errors that'll say the network timed out. And then I tried to update my iPod software to 1.1.3 and it went over the space limit it was supposed to go and wouldn't stop. I let it go to about 202 and it should have stopped at 165. What I do! I want the iPhone apps sooooo bad! Ugghhh!!!!

    Edit: so I had to reinstall QuickTime, after that it actually downloaded the 1.1.3 to my iTunes like it was suppose to. So I thought great! Its gonna work, ha! BS. When I tried putting it on my iPod it extracted the software, and after that prepared my iPod for I don know... 5 minutes, and after that an error message came up saying an unexpected error has occured. Please help! I don wanna have to call iTunes support line

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