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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by SweetSerenity, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I will start by apologizing as I know this will be a little long, but, I wanna be sure you know all that I have already tried (successfully) in the past to fix the issue.

    A few months ago I purchased an iPod Touch from a friend that bought the iPhone. I was using a 4gb Nano prior to this. I originally had issues with iTunes seeing the Touch. I figured it had to either be that everything was "set up" in iTunes for the Nano (seemed unlikely to me) or the fact that my friend had set the Touch up on his Mac. So I uninstalled iTunes and reinstalled it and...
    ...*poof* no problem with iTunes seeing the Touch.

    However it would not play the music that was already on it from the Mac, so I found a program called 'iPod To Computer Transfer', removed the songs, wiped all (Music, Pics, shows etc) data from the iPod Touch and reloaded everything back on.

    I have added songs since then w/o a prob but last night I wanted to add 2 new CDs to it and iTunes will not see the Touch again. My PC recognizes that it has been plugged in (visible in devmgmt.msc), but will not display it in "My Computer".

    I have read everything I could find on this forum (any other forum I could find), read all docs available on Apple (links provided in several posts here describing the same issue). I can see that it's not that uncommon for this to occur, but everybody seemed to have been able to get it fixed, whereas I cannot!

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    • I have removed & reinstalled iTunes (and all components) several times
    • Rebooted several times
    • Tried various USB ports on my PC
    • Removed & updated the drivers for the device (as seen in devmgmt.msc)
    • Opened & closed iTunes several times (w/Touch both plugged in & not plugged in when it starts up)
    • Waited overnight to be sure the batteries were fully charged - & did it all again

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    I am honestly at a loss to explain why this is happening, and unfortunately cannot find an answer anywhere that seems to work. I am so hoping someone here will be able to assist me with any new ideas to try.
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    ... Well I was playing around last night trying to see if i could get iTunes to see my iPod Touch, when I think I did a "Repair".

    I say repair cuz from everything I have read here in relation to what happened it didn't restore.

    I was holding buttons, and turning on & off while unplugging my iPod and eventually I had a picture on my iPod's screen that said to connect and showed a USB cable. iTunes finally recognized the iPod (but it no longer saw 'Serenity's iPod' only 'iPod') and the only option available was to click OK to Restore.

    It went through the motions for about 30 minutes or so, when there was less than a minute left it gave me a "timed-out" error. I clicked Restore button and it did the whole 245mb download & install again. This time it did not time out, I received a message stating it was successful, and iTunes recognized my iPod.

    However all my apps, music, contacts etc., were still intact. I was able to add the music I was trying to add the other night w/o a problem. Now this morning I was curious to see if iTunes would still recognize the iPod and plugged it in, and sadly nope, no recognition.

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    Now based on what I have read today, I really do not want to hit that Restore button again, cuz this time I really could lose all my data. I did not receive any options on my screen (iPod or PC) asking how i wanted to Restore or if I wanted to use a back-up to restore.

    Is it possible that when I reinstalled iTunes and copied & replaced the new empty library, with the one I had moved before reinstalling iTunes, the program automatically assumed that I would want to use it, & it really did complete the Restore? If so any ideas why it will not recognize the iPod again today?

    I am confused, and obvious;y I have no idea what I am doing with my iPod Touch, and would appreciate any help can get.

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