iTunes delted my music, but it shows it's still there

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Wreked, Apr 15, 2008.

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    iTunes deleted my music, but it shows it's still there

    Yesterday I decided to put some more music on my iPod. I tried to transfer a song from Limewire to my ipod and it said that the ipod can't play this song, and it was a mp3 file. Then I checked the main page of the ipod when it's plugged in(where it has at the bottom the bar that tells you how much space you have left). It now says I have 5.79 gb of other, which I know isn't right, just minutes before it was about 1gb of other, 3gb of video, and 1gb of music.
    Then I checked my library on my ipod, no music. Or videos.

    I think I moved it somehow, but I don't know where, because almost the gb I had combined of all is what it has for other right now.

    You guys have any suggestions?

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