iTunes closes when trying to copy videos to iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Djinn252, Aug 5, 2009.

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    I've lost the ability to use iTunes to transfer video files from my WinXP SP3 computer to my iPod Touch. Whenever I attempt to transfer a folder of video files (or a single file) to my iTunes library, the iTunes application closes down. No error message; it just closes.

    Here's a list of what I've tried so far:

    Rebooted system
    • Reviewed the Event Manager logs (eventvwr.msc) - no crash was listed
    • Repaired iTunes installation
    • Uninstalled QuickTime and iTunes, reinstalled
    • Deleted:
      C:\Documents and Settings\(name)\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes
      C:\Documents and Settings\(name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes
      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\SC Info
    • Uninstalled Quicktime, and reinstalled Quicktime (standalone)
    • Tried avoiding the procedure by dragging a video file directly to the library. This resulted in the same errorless crash.
    Music files are not an issue.
    It's not an issue with the video files. I've reproduced the problem using video files that I'd successfully copied onto the iPod, watched, and deleted weeks ago.

    Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Also, if I cannot resolve the issue, is there any possible way for me to get videos from my computer to the iPod Touch using any other software? Many thanks.

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