iTunes causing system problems

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by denoipod, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Has anyone else incountered an issue with iTunes software corrupting there cd and dvd drives. Something called GEARaspiWMD was installed as a driver on my system and alot of people are blaming itunes need to rip to cds as the reason this is installed during itunes setup. I did downgrade (iTunes)to a version lower the 7.5.0 so I was able to downgrade ipod touch's firmware. This could have been a result since other people with this problem think it was caused by uninstalling burning software. Correcting the issue required numerious registry entries and driver removal since GEAR did not have an uninstall added to add remove programs, I suppose its embedded in the itunes install. oh yeah one more edit. I am running Vista Home Basic, there is more serious problems with vista x64

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