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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by defakadef, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Ok Recently I Did A Dual Boot OF Windows xp And Windows 7
    And For Some Point Windows xp Dont Work Anymore
    The Problem Is This I Restored My Ipod On Windows 7 But It Didnt Back Up
    But I have a Back Up On My Windows xp Partition
    How Can I Get My Back Up Off WindowsXp and put it on windows 7
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    I'm not quite sure if this will work or not, but this is the first thing I would try.

    -I'm a Mac user, so I apologize if the directories I list aren't 100% right.

    Navigate to your music folder in W7, which should be C:\Users\you\music. In here you should see a folder called iTunes. Move this file to your desktop, it contains ALL of your music, apps, videos, ect that you have in iTunes, so be careful and keep track of this file.

    Next, locate the same folder in your XP backup. It should be at C:\Documents and Settings\you\Music and the folder will be called iTunes. Move the XP iTunes folder to your music folder in W7. (At this point, make 100% sure you know your W7 iTunes folder is safe in another location, otherwise if it is still in the music directory it will be overwritten by your XP iTunes folder)

    Start up iTunes, plug in your iPod and attempt to restore from backup. If it works, good job. Delete your XP iTunes folder and then replace it with your original W7 iTunes folder.

    If this doesn't work, go back and delete the XP iTunes folder and replace it with your original W7 iTunes folder.

    If you can, try to install XP again and restore from your XP backup, but I know how much time that can take.

    I apologize if said methods don't work, but it's all I could think of.
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    google it

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