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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by buckchucko, Jan 20, 2010.

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    This has got to be a common issue that I can find nothing about, so let me ask....

    My iphone 3g is backed up in iTunes 9. All my contacts, calendars, etc.

    NOW I go buy my new 3gs and simply want to use my 3g backup in iTunes to restore my NEW 3gs so my contacts, calendars, etc are in my new iphone.

    How can this be accomplished??????????

    I don't care about the apps, music, movies, etc. I can do all that manually.
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    For the record, I now know how it works. I still can't believe no one ever asks this before. I mean what if your iPhone got stolen and you bought a new replacement? I would only make sense you would want to load up the new one with exactly the same data as the one you lost....right?

    What happens is when I connnected the new 3Gs to my iTunes, you go through the regular register stuff. Then the phone reboots and iTunes window opens and ask you if you want to set up this phone as new OR would you like to sync it with another iPhone backup already in iTunes. (I got 3 phones and a iTouch in there) I simply choose restore from another backup, and iTunes synced it up with everything exactly like my 3G. Worked perfect.

    Still there is no mention of this process anywhere. Not even in iTunes help.

    So Now You Know!
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    So it worked for you? What exacly is the question you're asking?

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