Itunes AMDS (Apple Mobile Device Support) Doesnt Work

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by touch35, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Oct 29, 2007
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    Alright people, i think its my first post in this website
    So When i heard that version 2.0 for the ipod touch has been release And Hacked
    i was surprised and immediately went to update my Itunes program. i was in 7.1.6 (not sure)
    and upgraded to 7.2.1 (i think its the current one) so it went great but during one process (AMDS Installation) it went from "Copying Files" to "Rollback" (Not Sure Wat that means)
    So when itunes started up, i connected my ipod (With Joys of tears =P)
    but a box popped up saying AMDS is not in the current updated version. so I checked IN my Programs and i did not see no AMDS. I did everythin the Apple Support page has said to do but no good. Can Anyone Help Me out?
    BTW. Im runnin Vista

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