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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Stephen, May 7, 2010.

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    May 7, 2010
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    Greetings All

    I am an ipod touch user, I would say enjoyer if it was not for iTunes.
    I appologize for starting a new thread, this thread has been started in 2008 so I sincerely hope that other options are out there.

    I'd like to be upfront, if your opinion is, "Why change I tunes works great" then this isn't your thread, I tunes may work great for you. IT and it alone has made me try every other media player I could until finally purchasing an iPod touch which is mostly a photo album.

    My Needs,
    I wish to Store Media on my iPod that will NOT be stored on the PC I travel with,
    I wish to add media to my iPod with the PC that I travel with then delete that media
    I wish to Sort my Audio Media, I like Books on Tape for Drives over 3 hours, Which I do about 2-3 times a week, and Music on drives under 3 hours, I do not wish to have entire albums on my ipod, just 6 good hours of Music so as to not hear the same songs over and over during a given week, but have enough consistency that it is familiar. Currently I see no distinction between Audio in my ipod touch, if I Shuffle, I get far more selections of Audio Book chapters than music, my old SanDisk did not have this problem.

    Does Anyone have any suggestions, software I might give a try and see if it works? I really think the hardware on this device is superb, having I do not like having to have the same media on ALL of my computers,

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