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    Ok, i know that some of you have had problems with iTunes "making you upgrade" and all sorts of other stuff, and before you say anything ill let you knew that iTunes 7.5 lets you downgrade a 1.1.3 with no issues, and doesnt "make you" upgrade or anything.

    And.... i know some of you are saying, well i already tried and it said my library was already made for a newer version or something, well i did a quck little search and found that if u go to -> file -> export library, you can create an image of your library so u keep all ur ratings and and playists. I would immagine that this helps some people, i just want to try and help people that want to go back to 7.5 as it is more JB friendly

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    soo... instrustions would be like
    export your library from 7.6, uninstall itunes
    then install 7.5, and import your library
    Then voila, ur library looks exactly how it did a couple of minutes ago...

    Itunes 7.5 - Windows
    Itunes 7.5 - Mac OS X
    (not my links, but its where i got my download)
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    Just for completeness, you lose the ability to rent movies, right? That's a 7.6 itunes feature? Not that many folks here are into that, I would guess.
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    It's very easy on the mac especially if you have time machine. Creat another user account just for hacking your ipod. This way you won't have to mess with a Library full of music. You can either drag iTunes into the garbage and install 7.5 or go back with Time machine before the update. If you somehow get the message about the Library now you can go to the Music/iTunes/Music Library and drag it into the trash. Restart iTunes and it will work fine. You only need it for going from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2. iTunes 7.6 works fine for everything else but that. After I get 1.1.2 on the iPod and JB it I just go back to my regula User Account and reinstall iTunes 7.6. If you get a box that asks about password and something else just hit "keep both". It will reload 7.6 and your Library will be just as it was before. It will create another copy of iTunes in the Applications folder with (original) following the iTunes name and you can trash that one. I have done this about 4 times now with no issues.

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