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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Unregistered, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I just downloaded the iTunes 10 and I like how the new layout looks on the touch, but I am kind of, well actually pretty damn pissed off. I like to keep my music nice and organized. I am aware that when you download albums or songs by similar artists, sometimes you will have the problem of lets say, 3 artists that are the same artist (ie bob marley). Most the time the problem is that there is an extra space after marley (marley ) as such, or capitalization errors. Before I downloaded this newest version, my ipod was very clean and only had one artist and one album under each artist. Now, for some of my music, I have multiple cd's under an artist (ie album cease to begin by band of horses, I have 2 of those albums). The really agitating part is that track 1 (is there a ghost) is under its own cease to begin album. I have several other artists this has now happened too, and its quite frustrating that I will have the complete cd, but one song is missing, and it is in its own cd folder, even though it is the same cd. Also, I have some Del the Funky Homosapien, I have all his songs, but the track listings on his songs are split up into like 3 of the same cds (ie I have 3 diff both sides of the brains cd), when in actuality they should all be under the same cd.

    I have tried everything, capitalization, checking for spelling errors, and the infamous extra space at the end of the artists name, but to no avail. If anyone has had the same problem, or may know of a solution, please help!

    Also, I got some music from my friend off his comp, and for some reason, only the music I got from him can create a genius playlist, while music that I have personally put on their states that I do not have enough similar music to create a playlist, which I know is bull. If anyone can help, this too would be great.

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    Itunes doesnt like when you take music from other people
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    Not trying to be a dick man, but that doesn't help me much you ass. I already know that; Apple is like a monopoly. So basically I am f***ed and have to put up with a not so organized iPod. Is there just a way I can go back to iTunes 9, which never had this problem?
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    Woah, I didn't know you can post in the forums w/o a username....anywayyssss

    Yeah, just uninstall iTunes 10, and find a iTunes 9 link and install it.

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