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    Well hello iptfans forum! Im not a n00b by the way, i own every device that is jailbroken and unlocked on 3.1.2 firmware, i am dedicated to help the Hacking Community, the legal one of course, i disapprove of piracy and for once i found a hacking-apple-device(s) forum that hAtes piracy 2. I hope i can becomes a ultra-helpful part of the community, a majority of my time is dedicated to booting WinXP, Win7, and WinVista on the ipt and iphobe via bochs4iPhone (note: all of my bochs .imgs are obtained legally) as we all know Vista takes up 800MB of RAM in idle/standby mode so i am having trouble creating enough

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    . I can only work on 7 and Vista for now as i cannot find a XP .img (i found a few but they were pirated so i avoided them) Well i hope u at iptfans forum enjoy my company!

    (NOTE: i may have had a account here awhile back but i have unfortunately forgoteen the username and password, i am not trying to make multiple accounts)

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