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    I have Sony DRBT22 bluetooth headphones. I've gotten them to mostly work with the ipod touch, using the A2DP profile. (Too bad the headset profile isn't supported)

    They play music fine, but not all buttons make the Ipod do stuff. The play/pause button works, the volume buttons work (but that's not relevant, because the Ipod doesn't control the volume whatsoever when using bluetooth), but the forward track/back track buttons don't do anything.

    I know these headphones work with other bluetooth mp3 players (the one I had before the touch), and with my laptop. However, with my laptop, I had to use a hotkey scripting program (AutoHotkey) to get the same problem buttons to work.*
    The MP3 player works perfectly with these buttons (but that's to be expected, I bought the two together

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    Anyone know how I could approach making this work? Is there some way to see signals sent to the ipod and make it do something with those? Literally, the headphones send a signal equivalent to a letter on the keyboard.

    *The buttons send a key signal to the computer... Script takes that signal and sends the correct signal to Winamp. 95% works (sometimes it sends the actual letter and I'll get a "g" entered into a text box such as this)

    (And yes I looked at other threads about BT headphones -- not relevant)


    Edit: Reading the comments on the headphones' review that I linked I noticed this:
    Apparently AVRCP is actually a separate profile. It seems my old MP3 player used A2DP and AVRCP simultaneously. And I'm surprised my laptop doesn't use AVRCP... (at least not properly)

    Seems less likely to be solvable now, but any thoughts are welcome. I still know for a fact that signals get sent to my laptop while it's using A2DP... (Or I think I do... time to test that)

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