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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Furniss12, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    iPod touch
    Hi, i am thinking about getting a itouch in the near future, but would like to know some things about it so here are some questions, feel free to answer them.

    1- Is the internet on the itouch the same as on a normal computer, or for example is there on certain websites you can go on which have mobile compatability, or can you access any website with an itouch.
    2- Can you use google on it to search like you would on a computer or do you have to use direct links.
    3-I would be putting emulators on it, so what is the average size of firstly a nes rom and psxrom and any other kind.
    4-My brother told me that while using someones PSP from my house he found a wi fi connection but there was something about only being 10% which i think he meant the connection strengh, would 10% be enough to search the net on a itouch, i would get my own wifi router anyway, but using someones elses could be handy as well.
    5-So far on itouch the only emulators i have come accross are PSX and NES, can you get a megadrive one, because it had some classic games like sonic.
    6-How good is the battery while playing games on a emulator, does it make the battery go dead quickly?
    7-Finally can someone give me a link to a full list of application for the jailbreak hack, i would like to see what else you can get.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these. Just need to know what i am buying before i spend £350 on a 32gb itouch.
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    1. The internet is just like on the computer.

    2. You can use any search engine (google, yahoo, etc.)

    3. I do not know how much the size is of each one, but it really is not alot. I have many many apps including the Emulators + the games and it is barely noticeable how much it takes up.

    4. I pick up other peoples all the time and have no problems with the speed.

    5. The emulators that are out at the moment are all in a subforum here, check that out.

    6. The battery doesn't go out too fast. I have played pool on it for an hour and a half straight and still had a bit more than half the battery (while listening to some music.)

    7. Search up... the Ultimate List in the search feature and that will list all of the apps + the sources you need to get those apps.

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    iPod touch
    1.ya you can do anything on the internet except flash (at the moment) and yahoo ask dogpile however much you want
    3.NES is a couple of megabytes i dont know about psx
    4. if it tells you theres a connection. you can use it (1% to 100%) but theres scumm and gameboy
    6. it does die quicker but its worth it
    7.there are thousands of applications . if you wanna know do some searches

    Edit: keenan beat me

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