iTouch Firewire-Charger Compatibility?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by wondering, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    For an older ipod, I have a Griffin PowerPod (12vdc car charger) and the cable that came with it (firewire at one end and ipod dock connector at the other end). It all "fits together" with my ipod Touch, but I haven't plugged it into a cigarette lighter yet for fear of frying something.

    A search of this forum turned up nothing. I went to the Apple Store website and looked at the reviews under their firewire a/c charger. One customer said he'd been using it with his iPodTouch and it worked fine - but I wonder if he misspoke? See this link:

    I emailed Griffin and they told me it wasn't designed to be used with the ipodtouch.

    But my logic is this: if all the ipods ever made with a dock connector can be plugged into an iPod dock or the many radios etc. without damaging them. Then the dock connector pin-out and voltages must be the same - whether it was a firewire ipod or usb ipod. I can't find specs on what voltage the Apple firewire charger, griffin firewire charger vs usb chargers output (I think most usb chargers put out 5.5 vdc.)

    Does anyone know if I can use my old griffin firewire car ipod charger to charge my ipodTouch? Can I use the cable to plug into my Mac and charge and sync the ipod?


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