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    I am not a fortune teller in anyway, but i was thinking that an interesting app might be a tarot card fortune telling app. how it would work, i havent a clue, i wont pretend to be a programmer or even try. but i would assume that since meaning depends on placement of cards, then perhaps the app could be set up to just lay down random cards in the table patterns used by tarot readers. Thus being the responsibility of the ipod touch fortune teller to give you the meanings.

    I guess if it were to get really technical, and use many variables (algorythms?), then you could actually have a box that pops up and tells you what the meaning is based on the cards laid down one at a time. or even more so tell you a meaning based on two cards together set down.

    i dont know, it just seemed like an interesting idea. i see people in yokohama china town lining up around the block to waste money on fortune telling, perhaps people would like this
    (i know i would find it interesting!)

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