Issues with iTunes listing artists multiple times...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ace2525, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Ok so recently, I have been having major issues with my jailbroken 2G touch. Randomly, when I connect the iPod Touch to my laptop and it will suddenly start re-syncing my entire music library to my iPod and cause some songs to list an artist like this... (akon/akon/akon) opposed to just (akon). Essentially it seems like itunes grabbed it from my music folder again because I notice that these songs also have the genre/year/track # reset to whatever it was when downloaded however I keep these all blank (only use artist/album/song name). It also will delete all applications downloaded via [PIRACY] or [PIRACY]us.

    This is not something that happens all the time. In fact I just re-installed all my apps and synced with no issues. But I know I'm going to reorganize the tags on my library and this will happen again over the next month. I must be doing something to trigger this but as of now I have no clue why its happening..

    any ideas?

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