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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ZhiZhi778, Oct 15, 2008.

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    this thread deals about the speeds of different firmwares and even devices of the iPod Touch.

    I started this thread because I experienced some issues in fact of speed of firmwares etc...(see below) and I wish you guys to post some experience from yourself.

    Ok, lets go:

    First of all ,after I updated a few days ago from my old 1.1.5 firmware on the 1G ipod touch to 2.1 firmware, I experienced that the 2.x firmware series works a lot slower than the 1.x series.
    Such things like Safari loading pages, opening Preferences apps etc etc! almost everything is slower than it was on 1.1.5

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    Here I have to mention that 1.1.5 even was jailbroken and had background processes running and 2.1 is NOT jailbroken on my device when I experienced this!
    Also apps will be killed more often than on 1.1.5 because of memory issues.
    And safari will terminate more often when switching to other apps.

    Ok thats not a big problem but prohibits me from fluid working with the ipod touch 1G

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    A long time ago when 2.0 came out I experienced the same speed-loss but at this time I thought that it was caused by the very unstable 2.0 firmware release....but now it is still the same thing.

    The second issue I experienced is:
    In fact that I own both devices (the 1G + 2G ipod touch) I can compare both. So I did that with a fresh 2.1 installation on 1G and with 2.1.1 on 2G.
    The result was that everything works more fluently on the 2G and there are hardly springboard kills of apps like safari!
    also the loading times of apps like Preferences.app or MobileMusicPlayer.app are shorter on the ipod touch 2G!
    2.1.1 on 2G iPod Touch acts almost in the same way as 1.1.5 did on my 1G device in terms of speed.

    I don't think that there can be SUCH a difference between 2.1 and 2.1.1!

    Thats why I think:
    apple has designed the 2.x firmware for the iPhone 3G and the new 2G iPod Touch.
    I think that the 2G device owns more RAM and has a faster cpu...

    so far so good...

    Now what do you think guys?
    do you experienced the same issues like me? or even something completly different?
    discuss here

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    Let's go in order of firmwares (all non-JB'ed):

    1.1.1 - Pretty fast, but low processor clock hinders performance
    1.1.2 - Faster than 1.1.1
    1.1.3 - Found to be in between 1.1.1 and 1.1.2
    1.1.4 - Fastest firmware
    2.0 - Slow, buggy, and laggy
    2.0.1 - Faster, but still buggy
    2.0.2 - About as fast as 1.1.2
    2.1 - Getting up near 1.1.4, less buggy, and almost no lag

    2.1.1 - I'm guessing it's faster. The 2G is new, and has a different processor.

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