IsoWords Added Multiplayer, Leaderboards and Daily Challenges!! ($0.99 sale price)

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    Hey All, the update to IsoWords is out, and in celebration, it's now $0.99! (the free version is still free

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    Watch the video here!

    For those that haven't checked IsoWords out already, you connect adjacent letters to form words, similar to Boggle, but the twist is that the letters are on a 3D cube. When any letter is used 3 times, the piece is destroyed and the cube erodes, revealing more letters!

    Local multiplayer, global leaderboards AND daily challenges have been added in this update. Now you can play friends in 3 different gameplay modes, sort your high scores to show only friends on Facebook/Twitter, and respond to the daily challenge that lets everyone compete by playing the same puzzle. Also, as requested, IsoWords now uses a standard Scrabble "Sowpods" word list.

    Check it out and let us know what you think! (iTunes link)


    Unlimited Puzzles

    Now uses the official Scrabble Sowpods word list!
    • Yes that means “Tatooine” doesn’t count any more

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    New Bluetooth / Wifi multiplayer
    • Up to 4 devices
    • 3 gameplay modes
    • Only the host needs the full version

    New Global Leaderboards
    • Tracks the top scores for all time brackets
    • Ranks the top scoring individual words
    • Rankings can be sorted to only included Facebook/Twitter friends
    • Legacy scores are integrated into the new leaderboards upon updating

    Better Personal Challenges and New Daily Challenges
    • Daily Challenge puzzles are posted for everyone to play
    • A calendar shows players score and player rank for each daily challenge
    • Make and rebut challenges from friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

    Improved Facebook and Twitter integration: Make and rebut challenges from friends

    Fully localized in Spanish, French and German

    IsoWords Website:
    iTunes Link:
    Lite iTunes Link:
    Teaser Video:
    Gameplay Video:

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