Is This VOIP Info Outdated??

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    Found this on the Sticky entitled "Everything" by Spoonforknife. Am I right in thinking this process is very old school (compared to what we can access now)?

    Also, the part about SIP-VoIP and free calls to phones from your ipt with certain accounts and the part at the bottom, I don't understand about buying a special mic, and then something about having to solder something..

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    If someone could fill me in it would be greatly appreciated. The way I am trying to make VoIP calls is using Fring app w/ my Skype acct using my ipt2g with a SwitchEasy Thumbtack mic and the internal speaker. (Haven't tried it yet, but we'll see what happens.) And if this won't work, what would be the reason why?



    VoIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. In short, this allows you to talk on the phone over the internet, and a group of developers called TouchMods managed to do it.

    This is a fairly complicated process, and you can use either my guide below (which is not anywhere on this forums, which is why it is here in entirety) or one of the guides on this forum in the VoIP and Telephony section. Remember, that section is your guide for VoIP and Telephony questions and answers.

    Also remember, even with the SiP-VoIP application and a microphone, you can't call everywhere you are. It doesn't magically turn your iPod into a cell phone that can access cell tower signals. You must be in range of wi-fi, otherwise, it doesn't work. You mustn't rely on this as a phone, but merely a gimmick.

    Originally Posted by spoonforknife
    What You Need
    A jailbroken iPod touch
    A Wi-Fi Internet Connection
    A Microphone for the iPod touch (I’ll explain later)

    How Do I Get It?
    Add the source to Installer. Go to Install, Categories, Touchmods, and download. It should appear as Touchmods SIP-VoIP. It was made by touchmods. Congratulations to them for this huge breakthrough.

    Now What?
    You can use many providers. What I suggest is that when one’s credit runs out, create a new account for the next provider and so on and so forth. You can go to the following

    Download a program to your computer, and set the program up, only entering the required information. Try calling your house, cell, or relative’s number from your computer to ensure that the system actually works on your computer.

    Touch It
    Open the VoIP application, tap account, and enter your account and password. For the registrar, pick from the list below. NOTE: This has to be your provider’s registrar.
    Free Call -
    VoIP Buster -
    Blue Face -
    Terra Sip - (You may have to use port 5060)
    VoIP Raider -
    VoIP Cheap -

    The “Call” Before The Storm
    Tap phone in the application. You’ll need to know country codes. The Country code of the United States is 00, so a number would be (Country Code)1(Area Code)(Phone Number). For a full list of country codes, you can use this tool at

    Call yourself. You don’t have a microphone yet, but listen to yourself talking to yourself through your earphone. Exciting, huh?

    You can also sign up for an inbound number for people to call you, but that’ll cost you...

    Um...Is That It? Where’s the Microphone?
    Well, the iPhone had a microphone and speaker built right into it, but the iPod touch doesn’t. But when they made the iPod touch, they forgot to take out a thing in the serial port, so you can attach an external microphone to it!

    Where Do I Get It?
    You can order one from touchmods (, enter your verification code, and when they email you, you give them 30 Euros in one week, or your order is canceled. This microphone is much nicer looking than other touch microphones, but as you can see, it may take a while to get one.

    Or, you can mod a microphone from Wal-Mart called the iVoiceIII. This is harder than it sounds. Allow me to warn you that you will be using a solder and could possibly ruin the microphone very easily. Thus, if you have never soldered anything before, you probably should not use this option. Also if you are under 16-17, you probably should ask a parent to either supervise or do the following for you.
    Use the following tutorial to assist you in your VoIP microphone credit to SkaterGOD/DOOD23 here.

    Have fun using your SiP-VoIP application!

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    There is no support for a microphone in the Touch 1G and so the Touch 1G requires a special external microphone. Macally made one.

    The Touch 2G has the internal support for a microphone. For that reason, you can use the Apple earbuds/mic with switch, the Truphone mic with switch (add earbuds) or the Griffin Talk mic with switch (add earbuds).

    The mic tack will not work, except for the voice recorder apps perhaps.

    The reason is Apple requires switching between the music/video and the phone.

    This is a 3-position switch: music/video, pause or OFF, and phone ON.

    In practice, I find I use a voice recording app to verify I have the switch in the correct position before I place a VoIP call.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an indicator icon in the Top Bar?

    I think so.

    I think the guide needs an update.

    I haven't found anything free for North America or USA only.

    I have found free calls for other countries and for calls to other countries from the USA.

    I have also seen inexpensive rates to other countries from the USA.

    The best price, so far, for in USA I have found is $20 Skype IN for 180 days.

    Of course, Skype to Skype is free and Google Talk is free.

    These require both parties in the conversation have Skype or Google Talk.

    These also do video, if you have a netbook or laptop with a videocam.

    I am interested in hearing about Truphone rates and experiences, and also about Google Voice experiences.

    I have successfully made outgoing calls with fring.

    The fact is, I have Skype IN, a SIP, and Google Voice in fring.

    I have yet to get an incomming call badge, ringtone, or anything incomming, except a voicemail notification in my email.

    I don't think I have it set up properly.

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