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    Jul 13, 2008
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    My itouch will not be jailbroken...until i comeplete the guide on here...All I did was restore ipod touch then used ziphone? can any one on this issue? I have printed out the guide for jailbreaking all firmwares and get apps without installer for non- wifi- users, but i have wi fi is there another guide to complete jailbreak my itouch and i have used ziphone? Should i restore it and try this method? or do i need to not do this? I have open ssh under my unistall package along with boss tool and bsd subsystem is there anythign i shoul dbe doing to completely jailbreak this?

    Help please...Thanks in advance i have wi fi! Any quick fixes? I had to restore and re-jailbreak last night because my customize locked my wallpaper can i set anything to prevent this from happening? Thanks

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