Is there a way to make iTunes automatically organize imported songs?

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Tman47, May 21, 2009.

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    Okay so for a while now ive downloaded songs through iTunes/Ripping them into my library from CD's. I just downloaded a ton of music from frostwire and wanted to know if there was a way for iTunes to automatically copy/move them into designated folders in the iTunes music library folders on my hard drive. Im kind of obsessive with organization of my files so if there was a way to do this.

    For example i download the song Exo-Politics by Muse in the album Black Holes and Revelations. The download location initially is /Users/Tyler/Downloads/FrostWire/file here

    So when I "Add songs to iTunes" in iTunes the song will show up, whether or not the info is correct, and the song is linked to the original location above. My question is that is there a way so that when i do add my song to itunes it will automatically organize it into the iTunes default folders as it does when you import from a CD or download in iTunes "/Users/Tyler/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/"Artist Name"/"Album Name"/songs.

    Is this possible?

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