Is the iPhone for me ? (3g)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by raEEv3, Jun 9, 2008.

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    So, I have various questions to ask for the iphone.. i've asked these questions before but nobody seemed to give me a proper answer... so here it goes

    1. My cellphone plan is basic, only calling, no text messaging, or internet.. caller ID.. voice mail none of that.. just basic calling back and forth... so my question is.. if I jailbreak it, and download voicemail or caller ID or speed dial off installer, will it charge me? Will I get a reciept for it on my phone bill?

    2. I'm a bit confused on how the 3g new internet works for the iphone... something with celluar towers? So like I said previous question, my plan doesn't have internet... so my plan doesn't have internet.. do I have to pay for internet on my iphone? Or is safari free, and using EDGE is not free?

    3. Last question, so i've seen pictures of the new iphone of the 3g confrence today, and the back looks glossy.. steve jobs had said it's "shiny plastic" ... now the back of the old iphone isn't plastic... but on, the pictures don't look plastic, infact they look like the same material on the back as the old iphone.. so which is it? I hope it's not plastic, it would be butt ugly ! plastic is not in style! apple should know that !!
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    Now see, here is the thing. It's not known if you can even download back to 1.1.4 with the new 3G iPhone (Yes it'll come with Firmware 2.0). How are you going to get to work let alone Voicemail etc off Installer to work?

    3G is just a faster rate of data transfer using the existing cellular network. You can still use WiFi (Wireless Internet) which works on Hotspots that you find. Safari is Free. 3G and Edge, are not.

    He said that they'll be plastic. That would be better for Radio Reception (Wifi and 3G/Edge) and cheaper to build.

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