Is possible to put 1.1.3 into a 1.1.2 JB?

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    What did it do over 1.1.2?
    - Added Movie Rental Support
    - Entirely Rewrote Springboard
    - Mail
    - Weather
    - Stocks
    - Notes
    - Maps
    - Multiple Home Screens
    - Webclips
    - Rearrangeable Home Screens
    - Fixed Various Bugs

    How do you jailbreak?
    Use ZiPhone.

    - Better Battery Life than 1.1.1 or 1.1.2
    - Adds many new features
    - iPhone Apps actually make sound because they're made for the iPod touch.
    - More Stable

    I taked this from another thread...IS this possible to have on a 1.1.2 JB? I really want those theme compatibility

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    . And those new apps that 1.1.3 has...

    Is it possible?

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