Is it the Ipod Touch or iTunes???

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dontfaint, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Feb 22, 2008
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    I have searched this forum and anything that has to do with the
    problem I'm having is closed for posting. (or so it appears)

    I have two 16 gig iPod touches. Both are running 1.1.4
    and have been jailbroken with iLiberty+. One is fine but the other
    one (my husband's) has repeatedly had a problem. When he syncs
    it on his computer (I had to do the restore + jailbreak on mine
    because his usb is not 2.0) the capacity bar turns orange and
    fills up with other. His iTunes is also purple (the screen) and black
    down the side where the playlists are. This has happened twice.
    We had been running 1.1.2 (jailbroken) since February with no
    problems and then he had this issue mentioned above. I had to do
    a forced restore and start from scratch. Now it has happened
    again. Once it does then his iTunes screen is white again and
    all looks well. So I am confused and clueless as to what the
    real problem is.
    So...two questions:
    #1 does a forced restore really wipe out everything on the touch?
    And I mean everything. Because I have read confusing posts which
    say it does not and there are files still remaining? I don't get it.
    #2 is the problem with the touch or is his iTunes corrupted. And
    if the iTunes is corrupted does it need to be completely wiped
    off his machine (including old libraries, etc.)
    My Touch is fine and my iTunes is fine and so I guess what we are
    trying to determine is if he has a bad Touch or bad iTunes.
    BTW he is running iTunes 8.
    I am not opposed to restoring again and upgrading to the latest
    Touch firmware and iTunes and having a factory unit. He can buy
    the apps. That would be fine but if he continues to have the same
    problem I am assuming he would lose them? Cause then obviously
    his iTunes is really messed up.
    I have read at length that jailbreaking cannot ruin an ipod touch.
    Also, that forced restore makes them good as new. Please tell
    me this is true and that his problem can be solved by a new iTunes
    on his other computer that has usb 2.0.
    Any help would be ver much appreciated!
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    Sep 1, 2008
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    I think it is iTunes fault... when you restore, EVERYTHING is wiped from your iPod. If this happens again, your iTunes or PC has a problem. If it doesn't, then it was the iPod's problem... you'll see

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  3. dontfaint

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    Feb 22, 2008
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    Well, since it has happened twice after a restore (full restore) it also leads me to believe it is the iTunes and or PC. I am looking at his iTunes right now and it is all purple and black...doesn't look good to me.
    I have restored his Touch again on my machine and will try syncing with his ugly iTunes. If it does happen again then we should probably go with the assumption that iTunes is corrupt?
    If so do we wipe it off using the add/remove function in control panel or will we need to also delete all folders etc. to make sure all old playlists and such are gone.
    Some people have said that the Touch still has trace files on it when you do a factory restore. Looking at the capacity I have right now that seemed totally untrue. But you know these forums can be very confusing.
    What causes all that "other" crap to show up on the capacity bar? Do you know?
    BTW-Thanks for the quick reply.
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    I forgot to mention that the iPod touch suddenly started showing that it was running 1.1.3 when this happened. We have never run 1.1.3 on it EVER. Scary stuff. How could that happen?

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