is it my logicboard?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Kichoufumetsu, Jul 30, 2009.

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    2G iPod touch
    ok, i'll give you the rundown
    my wife has a 1gen 8Gb.
    she got mad at me and the touch was in her purse when she threw it at me and it hit my knee.
    later she realized that the glass digitizer was shattered. it still touch controlled and everything perfectly and everything still worked incl wifi.
    the battery was low and she was on her way to work.
    she let me know that the screen was coming off little slivers at a time and i told her to just sit it face up on the console of the car so it didn't bounce around. instead she put it in her apron to jostle around with everything else. ever since then it won't do anything at all.
    i hear chimes when i plug it into the pc, i here chime when i hold home and power for 10secs and when i let go of power, keep holding home, i hear a lot of chimes rhythmically like it's connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. iTunes will show an ipod in restore mode but when i hit restore (it used to go through to the progress bar on the ipod and freeze) it shows the apple and freezes. about a minute later it'll throw errors of either 1600, 1601, or 1604. this happens whether i hit restore or i ctrl+restore and select file. i've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes. gone to 7.5 and back to 8.whatever we're on now. nothing seems to work. now it goes to the apple and when the code is thrown it shows the little spinning wheel at the bottom and it's frozen.
    please tell me it isn't my logic board. i'll replace my digitizer fine, but logic boards are expensive. lol.
    any help?
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    no one has ANY information on this problem?
    any opinions either?

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