iRealQuick SMS for 3rd Party Apps

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Magnum, Jul 13, 2010.

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    I asked this a while ago and because of it's *rousing* success, I believe I should ask it again. More seriously, I got really no replies so I will try to rephrase the question.

    I have an iPod Touch 2g 8gb on 3.1.2 Jailbroken with Redsn0w. I don't have a phone so my main method of calls and texts are from my iPod, which is great, but my texting app (Textfree Unlimited) is lacking with a quickreply feature. My friend has an iPhone so he bought iRealquick SMS and he loves it. I have his Rock ID so I downloaded it too with his permission. I tried using it with Textfree and I sadly can't use it. Is there any other app (paid or unpaid) that would to this for my iPod? I have $8 to spend on it. Or maybe there's a way to edit the plists to use my number with the app. Textfree gives me a 10-digit phone number just in case. Thanks for all responses, helpful or not.
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    Quick Reply and those things only work with the core phone.

    Nothing will work for TextFree or any other app on the App Store.
    Unless Pinger goes out of their way to make an extension for TextFree on Cydia.

    The quickest solution I can suggest is backgrounding the applications you're using (including TextFree) so you can quickly switch between the applications when somebody texts you.

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