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    To help keep you up-to-date with the iPTF Podcast, I decidedt o make a Dashboard Widget to go along with it.

    The widget sits in your Dashboard and refreshes on the hour. It has a very small footprint and is simple to operate.

    When you load the dashboard, all available iPTF podcasts will appear inside the drop down menu on the front of the widget. You just select the one you want, and it will load the name of the episode, and the episode's desciption. Click Play to listen to it inside your Dashboard.

    Another feature is the back of the widget, which displays the Podcast Info which I frequently refer to in the podcast, where listeners can now get all the info by simply flipping the widget over.

    Also, there's a subscribe button for users who want to Subscribe to the Podcast using iTunes.

    Just trying to help you keep in touch with iPTF.

    If you like this, I also have an iPTF Frontpage News widget too, which is here:


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