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    hy! I'm very new to all this ipod stuff,but not a pc idiot.i'd like to buy for my wife an ipt, but i read so many terrible stories like the device not being seen by the pc, problems with the itunes, you know, that kind of stories that scare the s**t out of you. now come the questions:
    -can i put ordinary mp3 files on it?(you know, those taken off from the web)
    -itunes as piece of software is enough for my laptop to see the ipt?
    -is there a way to get pass the itunes(i know that itunes is required as it contains the usb driver for windows)
    -is it possible to browse the folders on ipt like you do on any usb hard drive?
    sorry for my post but i looked on the site and i found no answer to my questions.
    thank you all for your support.
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    1) Yes, mp3 files work perfectly well, and iTunes can convert most other formats that you'd
    have (such as wma, etc)

    2) iTunes is all you need to load content on, but if you want to do other things such as putting your DVDs on you'll need additional software.

    3) Nope, unfortunately the iPod is locked down to iTunes

    4) No, you can not just browse the files because Apple has disabled Disk Mode on the iPod Touch and iPhone. You can, however, get additional programs that allow you to do that, such as iPhoneDrive or TotalCommander.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.

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