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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Mike3300, Feb 27, 2008.

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    I bought my iPod touch less than 4 months ago and it started to act strange, the screen does not respond to my touch. I have to use sleep/wake button many times to get it working, for a while. This is heartbreaking and disappointment.

    Btw guys, is the fact that jailbreaking your iPod can make it loose the sensitivity of the touch screen. Restored mine to 1.1.2 and sent to service centre few days ago.

    The weird thing is, the technician called me up today and said it's doing good. It happens randomly and maybe they got to troubleshoot my iPod with the good side, bad side's left for me to handle. sigh~

    ...but I don't think that jailbreaking can cause this problem, I'm sure we all know well about Apple's first batch products.

    Any advice? The staff also did claim that I might get a one on one exchange if they can't fix it and Apple approve it. Come on!
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    You never know, 1.1.4 may fix your problem, give it a go unless you rely on jailbreak.

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