iPod's kinda messed up!!. ='/

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    Oct 13, 2007
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    iPod touch
    I dont have time to use the search button because im on a rush.
    BTW, this 3rd ipod i modded is just fxxxing weird.

    after putting NES ROMS, I'm about to give it back to my friend.
    Unfortunately, i had this non-working sleep//home button case.
    and the only time i can wake it up is to plug it in on the computer.
    i restarted, and walked away from home again..
    SAME THING HAPPENED with the non working thng.
    i had to go back home, plug it in again. and assuming customized did all this, so i uninstalled it.
    reinstalled it, about to SSH to put mepman's, but i COMPLETELY forgot that i cant SSH because i turned it off!
    and Services is on the hidden section of the main menu.
    i cant open customize, cant turn on SSH.

    im pissed right now because i have to push this iPod among with all the homework i have tonight.
    and i have a geography test tomorrow on africa. HOW FCKING SUCKY IS THAT?!

    BTW, i CANT restore this.
    i cant waste another 4 hours of putting apps//themes back in. -_-

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