iPod won't restore after crash.

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    So i recently JB my 2G and i have been using a the 1Click BootLoader for re-booting my iPod when it crashes but just a few min ago it crashed again, so i connected ot to my comp. then put it in DFU mode and ran the BootLoader and it all started out normal. But then once the apple logo came up it stayed there alot longer than it should and then iTunes recognized it and began syncing my iPod but the apple logo was still up. Then my comp made the ipod connected and the ipod disconnected noise right in a row and the screen went black and would no longer show up on iTunes. So i decided i would need to restore my iPod and re-jailbreak it. So when i put it back in DFU to get iTunes to recognize it and click restore it says "Software for this iPod is no longer available, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes" so i shift click on restore and the window directory is not at all where firmware should go but i wasn't quite sure where it would be located since it has been awhile since i've restored this way i navigated to AppData, then local, then apple, and the only folder there is "Apple Software Update" but it's empty.

    So my questions are...
    1. Will i have to restore and re-jailbreak?
    2. If not how should i go about getting my firmware situation under control and restoring

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