IPod won't' get out of DFU Mode

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    2G iPod touch
    (UPDATE I MEANT RECOVERY MODE)So i got an ipod touch and was really lazy to put it on DFU mode so i decided to download to download a program call "DFU" (i know creative) which i had to put the folder into the root of [C:] and it told to run "RUN" and type (c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu)
    it worked great and it's now in DFU mode the problem is it stays there i tried everything turning it off , throwing it on the floor, and yelling at it. didn't work does anyone know how to get rid of this porblem

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    here is the link to the program i used


    Device details:

    Name: Ipod Touch
    Gen: 2nd
    Firmware: 2.2.1
    Non MC model

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