iPod won't boot/appear in iTunes after Jailbreak. HELP!?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by mts_rkr94, Aug 15, 2009.

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    ok, so i got the latest 3.0 update and my ipod touch 2G was working perfectly fine, but i wanted to jailbreak it. So i looked for a tutorial online because i have never done this before and used this link


    I followed all the steps, used redsn0w, got the .ipsw file, everything. The harddrive picture which said "Jailbreaking" below it appeared, after that redsn0w told me to click finish, and the pineapple picture came with a loading bar below it. After the loading bar was finished my iPod shut off. I thought it would reboot by itself but it didnt. So thinking that the jailbreaking was finished, i held the power button to switch on my ipod, but it didnt switch on. I put iTunes and there was no iPod touch detected

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    . I plugged it out a few times but it still didn't detect it and my iPod wouldnt start now! I'm scared that my iPod has been bricked or something. WHAT DO I DO?
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    I put it in DFU mode, and restored it to 3.0. It's working fine now, but I'm not going to try and jailbreak it again lol.

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