Ipod Touch won't play music videos

Discussion in 'iTunes' started by gfpmoney, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Of the original 21 music videos I bought in ITunes, Apple was only able to resend me 4! Older MV files can't play on newer versions of ITunes software. Well, at least they play on my laptop. Before using 3rd party free software again, I'll be more careful. Sharepod seemed to be the right choice based on comments on this site, but even in the Sharepod community no one knows how to fix this. Learned my lesson about backing up.

    Lost my previous ITunes library on a laptop that crashed. Used Sharepod to recreate library and synced with the IPod. Now, my music videos will only play audio portion. They are all there in a playlist called "Music Videos". I purchased one music video after resynching and it works fine and is in a different Music Video playlist.

    Apple Support has provided limited help so far. I already tried to move the music videos into the playlist with the video that works but couldn't. Apple had me restore the original settings and sync again - didn't work. They told me to set the TV Out setting to 'off' on my IPod, I did and they still won't play.

    They told me to e-mail the list of videos I purchased so I could have them resend, but got the response above.

    Any guidance would be appreciated!

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