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    hi all, my ipod touch 16GB 1st gen is acting up.

    when i connect it to the USB, it is not recognized by neither my computer nor iTunes. i've tried all the obvious resolutions to the problem with no avail.

    what i'm running/using:
    - iPod touch 16GB 1st gen (never jailbroken)
    - software v. 2.1.1
    - iTunes 8 (latest)
    - windows vista & windows XP (i have two computers)

    what i've tried:
    - hard reset (home + power/sleep)
    - restore via home + power/sleep (can't do through iTunes, obv.)
    - resetting settings on iPod
    - reinstalling iTunes
    - trying two different computers
    - trying multiple USB cables

    i've also taken it into an apple store. they somehow got it working through doing a hard reset, but it wouldn't hold a charge - it was acting as if it was recognized but the battery wouldn't budge (and my battery life is in excellent condition, so they said it wasn't a problem with the battery). after i took it home, it worked for a couple hours and then again would no longer be recognized. i have another appointment with their genius bar crew tomorrow, but i have a feeling i'm going to be running in circles with them getting it to work and then it working for a bit and rerunning the cycle.

    also, through doing a restore via the home + power button, it will show the connect to itunes screen but still is not recognized. sometimes with doing this it also gets stuck on the apple screen until i hard reset it again.

    i'm at a loss, any suggestions?
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    another thing...just disconnected and reconnected it...vista told me it was installing driver software (while making the connect/disconnect noise about fifty times during the process) and is now telling me it is an "unidentified device."

    first time this has happened. but still not being recognized.
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