Ipod Touch, webrweb radio, webtv, support for citrix/metaframe etc.

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    I bought my Ipod Touch in early september 2007.

    From the first version one could see a potential that Ipod Touch could be more than 'just another media player'. When On-the-Run the Ipod Touch is obvious handier and faster to boot up than my PC/XP laptop

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    . Applications like Google maps, Weather reports, Stocks reports , Google docs, Remember to do it-lists, Gmail, webmail etc. were already than accessable through my Ipod Touch, as url's. Where I live WIFI is easy accessable.

    I just bought the upgrade but fine if Apple pays the 20 bucks back. Nothing new though in that release. So I'll hope Apple could place the money in and use it for features what I really need.

    In short: I miss the possibility to through my Ipod Touch to, using WIFI, listen to listen to webradio, watching webtv etc. on-the-go to get the latest information - realtime. The Safari supplied with Quick time doesn't seem to support streaming web radio or tv, nor Adobe flashreader, and exspecially not plugins for Citrix Metaframe (it would be fine to be able to acess to my enterprice crm, accountance systems etc.) Why cannot Ipod touch support those??? In works using Safari on PC/Mac? My pockets are full and there is no place for another PDA.

    Please don't use this thread to discuss/love/hate PC versus Mac. We have them both and use them to purposes they I're good at

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