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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ryoto, Apr 13, 2008.

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    ok so i was buying a ipod touch @ futureshop and the guy told me that apple is kinda strict with their warranty and i should buy futureshops "service plan" so that if something goes wrong with my ipod touch i can just drop it off at futureshop and they will send it to apple and do all the work. however if didnt get the plan, i'd have to mail it by my self and pay shipping fee's etc. and if there is something wrong with my earphones they will just replace it right away at the spot if i have the service plan. or if i need 3 major repairs, they will give me a brand new ipod touch instead of getting it fixed again.
    the plan costs $100. is it really worth it? does ipod touch have alot of problems? wat sort of problems did you guys have so far (if any) that might require the warranty to get your ipod fixed? employee at futureshop told me i should get the plan cause theres aot of customers who brought in their ipod for repairs... or is he just saying that so that he gets higher commission by selling ipod + service plan?
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    You might as well make those Futureshop warranty checks out to cash. It's money in their back pockets to unsuspecting people.
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    I had a broken earphone when I had my ipod 30gb video. I called up Apple, they sent me new earphones within a few days, and gave me a postage paid satchel so I could post my old broken ones.

    My ipod 30gb video eventually died on me (before the one year warranty expired). I had a choice to send it out to Apple, and for them to send it to me OR go to their Apple store. I went to the Apple Store and they had a look at it. Called me up within the week and replaced it for me.

    My understanding (Apple states in their warranty policy) that they will repair it or replace it (possibly a refurbished one). If it's something major, it's usually cheaper to replace it.

    Is the store's service plan for one year? or is it longer? If the plan is the same period as the Apple warranty, it's pretty much a waste of money. Unless you want to pay $100 extra for a little more convienience.

    I doubt Apple would want to sell products that breaks down easily cause getting it repaired costs them money. The ipod touch are quite durable, given that there's no moving parts. You might get some hardware problems, but that's usually detected within a few days of use, and most stores have pretty good exchange/refund policies.

    Hope that helps you make your decision.

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