Ipod Touch Warranty ?? Needs some help!

Discussion in 'General Apple Chat' started by Xettexl, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Apr 13, 2008
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    Ok well heres the thing I'll be getting a ipod touch 32gb for $350.00 soon from my friends cousin. Now heres my question....

    By any chance if I need to send my ipod touch in to apple for repair will I be able to.... even though I didn't originally buy it from a store??

    Will I just be able to call them up tell them the serial number on my ipod touch, then be able to send it in for repairs?? In other words... Or is just having the ipod touch's serial number all I really need to have it send it in??Or will I need to like have the receipt to prove to them I'm the original buyer/current owner of the ipod touch?? In other words have proof of purchase...

    But yeah just wondering..Thanks in Advance.

    Edit: Oh yah all ipods are covered by apple's 1year standard warranty right?? If so...what does the warranty cover?? Like cosmetic damage(scratches) or internal damage(hardware)...??
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    well i think as long as your ipod is not jailbroken when you show it to them or send it... then i think u will be just fine... altough it has a 1 yr limited warranty.... and in most of the cases if you really need to send the ipod to them is because its in such a bad state that they would have to replace it anyways-... and if it is something dealing with hardware then i think you will have to pay for the fix...
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    Exactly. As long as you haven't violated the terms of the warranty, as long as its within one year of the date of purchase, you are covered for anything the warranty will provide. You can also, for $60 I think, extend it for another year.

    The warranty doesn't cover cosmetic damage. Only hardware/mechanical issues etc. that are caused due to a manufacturing defect.

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