ipod touch tv out stream videos?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by welshboy, Dec 8, 2007.

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    The title kind of doesn't make sense, so heres what i want to do... If i buy the ipod touch tv out cables and plug into my tv, will i see everything that on my iPod touch? the menus, games, apps etc? or does it ONLY show video and music thats playing?

    I'm asking this because, I want to use my iPod as a media centre for my downstairs pc, just music and video, but i want to be able to stream the video to the iPod through a website or w.e from my pc... so all ill have to do is type in the IP of my pc (i have xampp installed) navigate to which video i want to play, press play and then it will stream to my iPod which then will output the video to my tv. Seems possible because the streaming is possible (i know i need to set up apache with the special headers) and i know that the iPod has tv out (with the right cables)

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