Ipod Touch Takes Up Your Life

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    Besides the fact that jailbreaking your ipod and trying to get all the apps takes up you life (iv restored my ipod 20 times), theres alot of stuff that suck about it. example: i have a jailbroken 1.1.2 with many apps. however i cant install summerboards because it requires 1.1.3. SO i upgrade to 1.1.3, then jailbreak and i get summerboard. BUT THEN my favorite apps such as labyrinth and bejeweled dont work on the 1.1.3.. DAMMM .. but i love the kool summerboards... theres too many choices you have to make with the ipod touch, which is the reason why i keep resoring my ipod(which is a big game of trial and error [which esspecialy sucks cuz of that gay resotre error]) Then theres trying to get ROMs.. 1.1.2 seems to be most capatible with ROMs, however iv only been succesful at snes and gba.. NES just wont work. The moral of my story is that forcing restore seems to be amy daily activity and reinstalling all the apps (since i dont memorize the sources off by heart) IS life consuming.

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