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    4G iPod touch

    I'm trying to put together a splitter for my iPod Touch using the instructions here:

    The biggest problem so far is that I need to find a cheap source for the special male jack/plug that goes into the iPod.

    I think I may have found a cheap source here:

    But I'm not 100% sure it will work.
    I think I saw somewhere before a reference that early iPhones needed an adapter to work with normal headphones. But I'm not sure if that was simply due to the recessed port, or because the jack was a different size.


    My primary mission is to get a quality microphone for the iPod Touch, so that I can record acoustic instruments, as well as voice.
    AND be able to use Music apps that allow you to control virtual wind instruments like the Ocarina app by blowing on the mic.
    Being able to get sound out while it's using the Mic would be invaluable in both cases.
    (The built-in mic in the Ebay item is obviously cheap, I would likely just slice it off and chuck it)

    My other option is to get the DLO Headphone splitter:
    But finding a source that will ship to Canada has not been easy.
    The cheapest place so far is BestBuy.ca who seems to promise to deliver the cable to a store near me for free, but will charge 25$ CAD for the Cable.
    Quite a jump from the price mentioned on the DLO website, and Amazon.com even with currency conversion.
    I would get a Mic like this one to go with the cable:
    It seems to have the best quality available.

    But that home made cable looks very useful, not only does it look like it will accept a normal microphone input,
    (Would would, if nothing else, stall my need for a iPod specific Microphone)
    but I could possibly use a generic PC headset as well.

    Anyway, your input would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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