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    ok....so no more than a couple of hours ago i ventured to my friendly neighborhood apple store to replace my defective iPod touch as my power button was faulty. I had already purchased the app pack for the iPod that was replaced. I was told by the men at the apple store that my already purchased app pack could be reinstalled on to my newly received iPod. I have looked up and down throughout iTunes and am unable to find any source from which i can install my previous app package......Ne ideas??????

    Thanks Guys! :-}
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    iPod touch
    1. Call Apple and ask or...

    2. go to the store and b*tch at them and tell them to guide you in one of their computers.

    2. 1/2 Do number 2 without b*tching.

    I Suggest number 1.

    Or... Get mad throw your iPod on the floor smash it crack it, burn it and tape it all so we all can see, oh wait...

    nevermind I found a video of someone doing that (out of the box) on youtube.

    again, j/k

    But I've seen it happen, just don't remember when.
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    The AppPack should be in a folder located on your hard drive.

    Go to Users/Library/iTunes/Mobile Applications on Mac OS X

    or on Windows:

    C:/Documents and Settings/YourUser>Application Data>Apple Computer>iTunes>Mobile applications.

    If it is located in there, then you shouldn't have any problem. If it isn't, then call Apple!

    Good luck
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    Sorry mate cant help you there although i agree call apple or search their website for more information!
  5. michigan033

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    I downloaded 1.1.3 and it f***ed over my touch so i called apple they sent me a box. Dhl picking up tomorrow. They said when they get mine they will send me a brand new one with the apps for free.. YAH!!!
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    Basically the same exact thing happened to me. My ex threw my iTouch at my head, luckily she missed, but it slammed against the wall and fell to the ground defeated. Her dad gave me the $150 I needed to go get it replaced. However I had already paid for and installed the software upgrade and I asked the Apple Genius if they would be on my new replacement. He said yes, but if something goes wrong just call Apple.
    Alas, something went wrong, the software upgrade didn't install on my new replacement iTouch. So I called Apple and the extremely helpful and friendly Apple tech support guy helped me out. And I am know enjoying my software upgrade.
    Here is what he had me do:
    1. Restore the iPod.
    2. When it asks if you want to restore the iPod to the backup of your previous iPod or if you want to restore it to a new iPod, chose restore to a new iPod.
    3. Name your iPod and check the boxes if you want your music and photos to automatically sinc.
    4. Then click continue and it should restore!
    Your replacement could have 1.1.2, it probably does since I think they don't update the iPods reserved for replacement. And when you restore the iPod restores to a factory default version of the firmware it had before the restore began. So after you restore, make sure if has firmware version 1.1.3, if it doesn't simply update. Most likely the software upgrade will install with the update.
    If the software upgrade doesn't install when you update your restored iPod then do this:
    1. Restore the iPod again, since you upgraded the iPod to firmware 1.1.3 after the first restore.
    2. Basically repeat the same process as before.
    After you restore it a second time(if needed) the 1.1.3 firmware will start installing and the software upgrade should install with it.

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