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    hi my ipod touch (1g, 32gb, 2.2) just randomly started turning off, and every time i turned it on i couldnt get past the apple logo, and it only went into dfu mode, not recovery, when restored it would turn off about haslfway through the proccess. i decided that apple could do something about it, took it to an apple store (canada), they said it wasn't covered under warranty because of a dent thats been there for a lengthy amount of time, and told me to take it to an irepair store. i took it to the store, they said that its probably not acessing the flash drive, and would cost 400$ to fix, needing a new circuit board. i refuse to believe this, seeing as it just randomly happenned and that i got it partly restored at 1 point but it wouldnt work on my other computer and i tried to restore it put the same thing happenned. so my question is if i can fix it at home somehow (os is vista x64/windows 7 beta x64 dual boot), if not, where can i get it fixed for cheap, like should i send it to apple in usa or somthing. thanks for any replies
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    $400?! Thats more than a NEW iTouch.
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