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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Scottyboy99, Oct 27, 2009.

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    Hi guys

    I upgraded to OS 3.1.2 (from 2.1) the other day. Yesterday I purchased a couple of songs through my iPod touch wifi. Usually it updates the 'purchased on wayne hayes ipod playlist' automatically with these purchases but it hasn’t done so. It still updated the main ‘purchased’ playlist with these songs but this extra playlist is not reflecting the songs. Does os 3.1.2 remove this feature? I haven’t tried it yet but I am not worried that when I connect my iPod touch to my pc (will try later when back from work) that it will not sync my purchases back from my iPod touch to the laptop. Anyone got any ideas/views?

    Many thanks
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    This does not look good. I can't really find any other topics along this line but I am getting the impression that because the 'Purchased on Wayne Hayes' ipod' playlist is not updating that my music purchased on wifi is not going to sync back to my laptop. Is there a way around this? Has anyone had a similiar issue? Maybe there is a setting I need to change after my update to 3.1.2 that I cannot find? Doesn't help that I have no wifi here at work with which to check.


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