iPod touch not connecting to iTunes (Win7)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by fastlane_, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Jan 2, 2010
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    iPod touch
    Win 7 Ultimate
    itunes 9.0.2 64 bit

    Below is what is happening on a new computer. The iPod has never successfully connected to iTunes.
    With iTunes or any Apple software uninstalled the iPod is recognized in device manager under portable devices> Apple iPod. I can browse to it within Win Explorer. All looks normal.
    Once I install iTunes and I plug in the iPod a popup informs me that it's imstalling Apple Mobile Device USB driver (and is ready to use). Then iTunes starts up and another popup informs me that device driver was not successfully installed. This time MTP USB Device. It then switches to device unplugged, without touching it. iTunes then reports an error (iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065). When I look in Device manger I see it reports a warning for Portable devices > MTP USB Devices. The device status reports This device cannot start (Code 10) (Apple iPod went away)
    I have tried uninstalling all Apple related software several times, Different iPods. iPod and cable work just fine on another laptop. Updated MB BIOS.
    I need some more clues on what might be wrong. Anybody!!

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