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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Instant_Noodles, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    I've had my iPod for almost half a year now and I am starting to encounter problems.

    First, the iPod was put in to outside pocket of a cooler bag (not by me). When I took it out, the screen was foggy and cold. When I turned it on, the Touch Screen was not responding. I could see frost on the edges of the screen so I thought there was water damage. I attached the iPod to the computer and wrapped it in a blanket to heat it up to dry. By then, the touch screen and everything was fine but it didn't play music. So than I put it in a bag of rice for a few days. After that it worked fine for a week. After a week, the sound started playing from internal speakers (I could hear it in the headphones, but it was really loud). Then that problem went away for a few days. By this point, I thought the iPod was fixed. Soon, the internal speakers started playing again and couldn't reconize the headphones. Than a few days ago, the music stopped playing altogether. When I press to play a song, it goes to the screen, pauses and crashes back to the song selection screen. Movies cannot be played either and apps with a video in the opening screens don't work. Along the weeks, I've tried resets but nothing worked. So seeing it was bad, I restored it to no effect. Realizing that I would probably have to return it, I restored it and got rid of all my jailbreak stuff

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    . I took it to an Apple store today and the lady said it was a problem with upgrading to iTunes 9 (I had the problem before). She checked the iPod and said the files were corrupted. I was instructed to restore it as a new iPod instead of backup. That didn't work either.

    Any advice? Should I return it for a refund or is there a solution?

    Sorry about the rather lenthy post...

    Also the lady checking didn't notice the jailbreak which is a goodthing so I might be able to return it.
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    Yeah, return it. You have something screwed up that isn't going to be fixed by restoring the firmware. The only thing left is a hardware problem. Return it. Refund or replacement is your choice.

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