iPod Touch/Linksys Router internet dying

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ravenatic, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Just wondered here if anyone can point me in the direction.

    Ive got an iPod Touch, Jailbroken ofc... And recently my internet has been going off randomly with the router just cutting out. Stays powered on but the internet part doesnt work, I have to unplug the power and put it back in.
    I also cannot connect to the Control Panel when it happens.

    I think i've narrowed down to my iPod being the cause... as its been fine all day until I walk into the house.. iPod connects to check for email and the net dies...

    So i'm trying to find out ways of figuring out whats causing it and fix it...

    So.. Does anyone know where I can get logs off the router of connection info and any errors?

    Likewise, does anyone know how to turn on logging on the ipod/iphone jailbroken (I have terminal).

    I'm not sure of any apps and i'm not up for restoring my iPod just to see if it fixes the issue...

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    Just to add on to that... when I say internet dies... WiFi connects fine and so does Ethernet... but only limited connections.. No internet access untill I restart the router.
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    Generally, on Linksys routers, there is an administration tab when you log into the router. I believe this is where logs are/and how you turn logging on. I'm nit sure about the iPod though.....

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